Why can I hear the Fantasy Freakin’ Football Show, Pregame show, and the Post Game show on iHeartRadio but not the game play-by-play?


                Due to contract stipulations, we cannot offer the play-by-play via iHeartRadio.  The game play can be heard at

                http://www.rock1053.com/main.html   and



Having problems with the streaming player?


Ensure your flash player is updated to the current version. 

For best results use Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 21.0 or higher.


Player says the stream is not available in my area:

• Chargers play-by-play stream is only available in San Diego County

• Chargers play-by-play stream will not be available on mobile devices

• If you cannot stream the game please check the location of your IP address by clicking here! 

• If you are still having issues or would like to contact support, click here!