In a recent podcast interview, UFC president Dana White claimed that he believed Ronda is done fighting.

"Ronda Rousey's career in mixed martial arts is most likely over."

“It’s funny you asked me that today, [because] I literally talked to her this morning on the way to the gym,” White said in response to a question by Norton. “She’s good, man. Her spirits are good. She’s doing her thing. In the conversation that I had with her, If I had to say right here, right now – and, again, I don’t like saying right here, right now, [because] it’s up to her and [it’s] her thing – but I wouldn’t say she fights again. I think she’s probably done. She’s going to ride off into the sunset and start living her life outside of fighting.”

If this is the end of her career, she will retire with a very respectable 12-2 MMA record and a 6-2 mark in the UFC.

The last year though, was completely turned upside-down for her fight-wise. First, she was knocked out by Holly Holm in stunning fashion at UFC 193, one she was favored to win by nearly 20-to-1.

After that she didn't compete for a year and even fell into somewhat of a depression, claiming she felt like committing suicide.

Then when she finally did return, she was favored to win again and on December 30th, 2016 at UFC 207, she was knocked out again by Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds.

White, who said Rousey “is in a real good place [mentally], very good,” said she told him she had things she wanted to do with her life.

“It’s not that I even think it was an invincible thing, it’s that she’s so competitive that her career and record meant everything to her,” White said. “Then, once she lost, she started to say to herself, ‘What the [expletive] am I doing? This is my whole life? This is it? I want to experience and start doing other things.’ That’s what she’s started to do. She’s got a lot of money. She’s never going to need money again. First of all, unless you spend money like crazy, unless you spend money like Floyd [Mayweather], you’re not going to need money again when you have the kind of money that Ronda has. She’s not a big spender. She’s got a cute place down in Venice, Calif.

“She’s got some plans where I think she wants to move to a more desolate place and do her thing. I’m happy for her, man. She came in [and] she changed the world. She put female fighting on the map. She’s been part of the biggest fights in the history of women’s fighting and I hope those records can be broken.”