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Batman Beats Up Villains with No Special Effects


See World's Smallest Airplane Take Flight


Narrator : …..cuz every good hero has a lead-in narrator.....

Marty Rockwell's 5th grade science teacher scolded him, "Stop with the Nonsense!" but he couldn't. After constant fidgeting, laughing, spastic movements at his desk, Mr. Feinberg kicked the science wiz out of his class, citing him with "excessive nonsense". So, he and his wacky, almost smart brain and mouth have gone the way of nonsense. Hear his experiments with the periodic table of nonsense on daily on-air.

Marty: Friends, Creating nonsense is REAL and I've been lucky to make rent doing it on TV, podcasts and radio since age 18. Like Johnny Cash sang, “I've been everywhere, man" i.e. Reno - Phoenix - DC - San Diego - San Francisco - Seattle - Los Angeles. You know what though, all the places I've been don't matter. Why? It’s always about right here, right now and how we live in the moment. That’s how I do" on-air at Rock 105.3. Please follow my love for music, swap meets, Chargers football, Boxer dogs, beach days, fatherhood and being an awesome, not too cheezy wedding DJ on social with @MARTYROCKSD (IG, FB and TWEETS) and my Rock 105.3 blog here. PS. The curly blond guy in Limp Bizkit “Break Stuff” video is not me. ;)

Narrator: Word!

Marty: Forget you, Mr. Feinberg!