4/4 - Ashlee interviews comedian Streeter Seidell

4/3 -What is Sky's original name?

4/2 - Ashlee interviews the Charger girls

4/1 - Ashlee interviews intern Anna

3/28 - Ashlee interviews Esau McGraw

3/26 -Thor's butthole is puckered after losing the rap battle

3/24 -Thor is trying to bag a hot chick by going to church with her!

3/21 -Ashlee interviews impressionist Melissa Villaseñor

3/19 -Eddie star struck over Star Wars

3/12 -Ashlee interviews viral sensation Charlie Rae

3/11 -Valley girls in the house!

3/10 -Thor's chest hair is out of control

3/7 - Ashlee interviews comedian TJ Miller

3/6 - Thor is taking fashion lessons from Sky

3/5 - Ashlee's boobs look GREAT!!

3/4 - Eddie reminisces over his keg stand days

3/3 - The Show welcomes Thor!

2/28 - Ashlee interviews comedian Harland Williams

2/26 - Sky's clothes need an expiration date2/25 -Eddie and Ashlee comopare lunches

2/21- Ashlee interviews comedians Nick Thune and Lachlan Patterson

2/18 - Eddie and his trouser snake

2/14 - Ashlee interviews comedian Josh Wolf

2/11 - Ashlee and Eddie talk about sex on the first date

2/6 - Sky has a problem of getting rid of decades old clothing

1/31 Ashlee interviews comedian Nick Turner

1/27 Sky Fails As A Tour Guide

1/17 - Ashlee interviews comedian John Caparulo

1/15 - Eddie Thinks Sky Wasn't Invited To Her Friends Wedding Because Of Sky's Choice In Wardrobe

1/14 - Eddie is going to blame his shoes if he "accidently" kicks Ashlee

1/10 - Ashlee interviews comedian Bill Bellamy

1/9 -  Ashlee gives Sky another wedgie in her shot out granny panties 

1/7 -Ashlee interviews Ladarius Green and Shareece Wright

1/6 - Eddie takes up a new occupation as a barista

1/3 - Ashlee interviews comedian Robert Kelly

1/2 - Ashlee interviews Travis "Hapa" Browne

12/20 - Ashlee interviews comedian Taylor Williamson

12/19 - Ashlee interviews Costa for Throwback Thursday

12/17 - Ashlee is already changing her own Christmas dinner rules

12/16 - Thor was a little skeered of Paranormal Activity

12/13 - Ashlee interviews comedian John Reep

12/12 - What is Thor's favorite Christmas song

12/10 - Eddie is a little bitter about P1 Claire making fun of his star wars ornaments

12/9 - How long does it take for Ashlee to annoy Eddie?

12/6 - Ashlee interviews comedian Dom Irrera

12/5 - Thor Ruins Ashlee and Eddie's Jam Session

12/4 - Thor pays off his bet and shaves a Chargers bolt in his chest

12/3 - Ashlee's war wound... no she isn't being dramatic AT ALL! 

12/2 - The holiday Skrinch is back and is refusing to put up Christmas lights!

11/22 - Ashlee interviews comedian Owen Smith

11/21 - Thor shows off his not so sexy porn stache

11/19 - Resident handy man FAIL! 

11/18 - Sky's a little bitter because her Arrested Development watching buddy is a jerk face!

11/12 - Watch as Eddie the survivalist shows you how to get out of the elements... with couch cushions!

11/08 - Ashlee interviews comedian and Anchorman star David Koechner

11/07 - Should Sky get tased?  Eddie and Ashlee think so! 

11/06 - Ashlee interviews the gorgeous Chargers Girls

11/05 - Thor has the mustache of a pre-pubescent teen

11/04 - Ashlee and Eddie jamming out to the songs you don't want to admit liking

11/01 - Ashlee interviews comedian Erik Griffin

10/31 - Eddie convinced Ashlee there is a treat in the bottom of the Candy Corn bag

10/25 - Ashlee interviews Christina Pazsitsky

10/24 - Ashlee interviews comedian Mal Hall

10/22 - Ashlee interviews comedian Taylor Williamson

10/21 - Should a little boy wear a Katy Perry costume?

10/18 - Ashlee interviews comedian Ahmed Ahmed

10/17 - Ashlee gets insulted by wrestler Bully Ray

10/16 -Ashlee interviews UFC fighter Chris Weidman

10/15 - Eddie and Ashlee sing their not so greatest hits!

10/14 - Eddie severely offends a woman when he lets out a beefy one in the store

10/11 - Ashlee interviews comedian Al Madrigal

10/10 - Sky is dressed in her finest cheap tennis shoes today.

10/08 - Eddie is pissed off at Ashlee... over a Pop Tart

10/07 - Thor is a little bitter that no one wants to hit him up on the dating sites

9/27 - Ashlee interviews comedian Brett Ernst

9/26 - Ashlee got more ass when she was fat Ashlee than she's ever had!

9/25 - Ever play hide and go basketball? Thor has!

9/24 - Just so happens Sky threw her back out on her anniversary... to avoid sex, maybe?

9/23 - Ashlee talks with Thor about the IHRMF and more!

9/20 - Ashlee interviews comedian Steve Byrne

9/19 - Ashlee hitting the campaign trail with Thor

9/18 - Eddie has a Candy Crush addiction

9/16 -  Thor is filling in for Rob and already f'in up

9/13 - Ashlee interviews Comedian Maz Jabroni

9/12 - Ashlee interviews Costa for #TBT

9/11 - Ashlee interviews Master Chef Finalist Natasha Crnjac

9/10 - Ashlee interviews comedian/actor Shawn Wayans 

9/9 - Thor has apparently run out of breath mints

9/6- Ashlee interviews comedienne Sarah Colonna

9/5- Eddie makes a fool of himself at his daughter's school

9/4 - Ashlee interviews comedian Alonzo Bodden

9/3 - Sky is accused of being a hooker

8/30 - Ashlee interviews comedian Steve Trevino

8/29 - Sky and Ashlee's Twerk-off contest

8/28 - Ashlee is confused about being nude when you shower

8/27 - Eddie, Sky and Ashlee recreate Miley's VMA performance

8/26 - Eddie is still f'ed up after enduring the killer whale show at SeaWorld

8/23 - Ashlee interviews comedian Craig Robinson for Free Comedy Friday

8/22 - Eddie Rockin out to Whitesnake for #TBT

8/20 - Eddie and Sky have the BEST bet going EVER!

8/19 - Intern Thor is having an awkward bonding experience with The Show

8/16 - Ashlee interviews The Big Show LIVE from the WWE SummerSlam

8/15 - Ashlee interviews comedian Tom Papa

8/14 - Debbie Gibson is STILL sorry she couldn't hook up with Eddie

8/13 - The Show has "lost that lovin' feeling"

8/12 - Meet Skystripher Columbus

8/9 - Ashlee interviews comedian Jimmy Shubert

8/9 - Ashlee interviews comedian Arj Barker

8/7 - The Most Irritating Drivers Are...

8/6 - Sky Gets Her Panties in A Wad Over Being Told She Has No Ass!

8/5 - Intern Thor has a vagina, turns out

7/25 - Ashlee interviews Brandon Vera

7/23 - Ashlee interviews comedian Taylor Williamson

7/22 - Ashlee interviews Jeff Garcia

7/19 - Ashlee interviews comedians Key & Peele

7/19 - Ashlee interviews comedian Jason Mewes 

7/18 - Sky gets a quickie on humpday

7/16 - Eddie Eddie Goes Through His List Of The Best All Time Superheroes

7/15 - Ashlee interviews Chargers Running Back Ryan Matthews

7/12 - Ashlee interviews comedian J. Chris Newberg

7/11 - Ashlee and Sky prepare for their segment on CW6

7/10 - Ashlee stops The Show stopper.... oops!

7/9 - The Show's Staring Contest. Who wins? Not Sky!  

7/8 - Ashlee and Eddie at the UFC fan fest 

7/3 - Reptile Super Show Animals

7/2- Ashlee gets emotional over her patriotism

7/1- Intern Thor shows off his yoga moves

6/27 - Ashlee interviews guitarist Gary Hoey

6/26 - Ashlee interviews Natasha Crnjac from Master Chef

6/25 - Ashlee and Sky plan to mosh at the Macklemore concert

6/24- Ashlee interviews Howard and Savannah from Master Chef

6/21 - Ashlee Interviews The 2013 Playmate Of The Year - Raquel Pomplun

6/21 - Ashlee interviews Comedian Matt McCarthy

6/19 - Ashlee FAILED At Picking Her Zombie Survival Team

6/18 - Sky refuses to wear deodorant and she is RIPE!

6/17 - Why is Sky blushing? Because she got LAID!

6/14- Ashlee interviews comedian Darren Carter

6/13 - Eddie's feeling a little nostalgic about hanging with the homies in the hood

6/12 - Eddie exposes the truth!

6/11 - The Show tries to determine which Saved By The Bell character they are

6/10 - Sexting. To tell the wife or not to tell the wife? 

6/7- Ashlee interviews comedian Sam Tripoli

6/5 - Ashlee got caught with her hands down her pants

6/4 - Is Sky wearing deodorant today?  Let Ashlee get up in her pits and figure it out!

5/31 - Ashlee interviews comedian Pablo Francisco

5/30 - Ashlee interviews Alex Nee from Broadway Production "American Idiot"

5/29 - Sky should have taken her mom's advice

5/28 - Eddie Humps Fish

5/23 - Ashlee interviews Brandon Vera

5/22 - Ashlee re-gifts a bobblehead as a wedding gift. Appropriate?

5/21 - Sky, Ashlee and Eddie argue over what 90210 character they would be

5/20 - Sky rides her bike to work in her finest heels

5/17 - Ashlee interviews comedian Brian Scolaro

5/16 - Eddie talks about his plan to fight zombies with his golf club

5/15 - Ashlee shows off the new "spank bank" calendar, ENJOY

5/14 - Eddie came out on the air today

5/13 - Sky talks about her horrible Mother's Day

5/10 - Ashlee interviews comedian / ventriloquist Otto & George

5/10 - Ashlee interviews comedian Pauly Shore

5/10 - Ashlee interviews comedian Barry Rothbart

5/9 - Too much teeth

5/8 - Sky's Earns Her Native American Name: Dances With Bad Fashion

5/7 - Ashlee and Sky have never had a whaaaaat?!?!

5/6 - Sky Gets Lost In Circles

5/3 - Ashlee interviews Steve Trevino

5/2 - Ashlee interviews Arie Luyendyk

5/1 - Costa stops by and gives his opinion on a P1 Shark Week accident!

4/30 - Eddie Is Pissed About Shrapnel In The Laundry

4/29 - Could Eddie "catfish" Manti Te'o? Check Out His Female Impersonation...

4/26 - Ashlee interviews comedian Judy Gold

4/26 - Ashlee interviews comedian Brett Ernst

4/25 - Costa stops by and he's more blind than ever... Just look at his PURPLE sweater

4/24 - Is it her O face or is it Ashlee getting weirded out about the relationship talk... Find out!

4/23 - 2 Major Distractions on The Show today... Ashlee's left boob and Ashlee's right boob!

4/22 - Ashlee interviews UFC fighter Chris Leben

4/12 - Ashlee interviews comedian Ari Shaffir

4/11 - Ashlee gettin' a little cray cray with KOGO's Chris Merrill

4/10 - Ashlee likes a variety of dressings when tossing her salad!

4/9 - Ashlee comes across a very interesting situtation in the hallways of Clear Channel!

4/8 - Ashlee interviews the birthday boy, Eddie with his lightsaber dildo! 

4/5 - Ashlee interviews comedian Heather McDonald

4/4 - Sky shows off her "so called" business attire! 

4/3-Ashlee Interviews Chargers Girls Hope And Lauren

4/2 - Today's AA Is All About BOOBIES!

4/1 - Ashlee and Eddie Review Easter Candy

3/29 - Ashlee Interviews Comedian Dean Delray

3/29 - Ashlee interviews comedian Jen Kirkman

3/28 - Ashlee interviews comedian Erik Knowles

3/27 - Help Ashlee figure out if her boobs are straight

3/26 - Sky gets new kicks... something other than slippers!

3/25 - Don't even THINK about giving Ashlee and Eddie crappy Easter candy 

3/22 - Ashlee interviews comedian Theo Von

3/22 - Ashlee interviews comedian Chris D'Elia

3/21 - The 2 Professionals, Sky And Ashlee Explain March Madness

3/20- 39-years-old And Eddie Has Never Driven A Stick Shift Before? WTH?

3/19 -Eddie bares his soul about how he organizes the cool shirts in his closet 

3/18 - Sky is NOT happy that her husband recorded them having sex!

3/15 - Ashlee interviews the winners of the Bangers Relay Race

3/14 - Watch Eddie's impression of "the grumpy cat!"

3/13 - Ashlee interviews Sami... her dog!

3/12 - Ashlee interviews comedian Taylor Williamson

3/8 - Ashlee interviews comedian Matt Braunger

3/8 - Ashlee interviews comedian Ryan Stout

3/7 - Ashlee fondles Sky's breasts more than Sky's husband does!

3/6 - Eddie offends Mike Tyson, but hey, Sky's hooters are BANGIN today! 

3/5- Ashlee interviews 3 Minutes To Stardom Finalist Natisha Lyne

3/4 - Eddie is bitter that Natisha Lyne got eliminated from 3 Minutes to Stardom

3/1 - Ashlee interviews comedian Jeff Richards

2/28 - Sky feeds her  child in the grocery store

2/27 - Sky Got Bitch Slapped

2/26 - Eddie's New Hangout Spot... Urgent Care

2/21 - Ashlee is smart enough to play in the NFL.  What does that mean for Eddie

2/20 - Watch as Sky fakes and orgasm

2/19 - Sky is looking very... oh look BOOBIES! woo hoo! 

2/18 - Eddie, Sky and Ashlee provide a verdict on the new Lay's chip flavors! 

2/15 - Ashlee interviews comedian Harland Williams

2/14 - Eddie demonstrates his expertise in fixing absolutely NOTHING! 

2/13 - Ashlee and Eddie reach out to P1 Alex

2/12 - Ashlee introduces herself to Tom Cutler from KOGO by waking him up! 

2/11 - Eddie is traumatized by Ashlee's "Not My Best Moment" story... 

2/8 - Ashlee interviews comedian Nick Thune 

2/7 - Watch as Eddie and Ashlee fight over Miss Supercross!

2/6 - Ashlee interviews Miss Supercross, Dianna Dahlgren and her date Spencer 

2/5 - Sky is hitting her sexual peak 

2/4 - Ashlee and Eddie devastated by the superbowl outcome