Happy Throwback Thursday!

I'd like to dedicate today's TBT to Boston Rob.  I's been a crazy ten years with B Rob for sure, but I wish him the very best in Boston!

Now trip out on these pictures from back in the day.  Wtf!

Circa 2005

Eddie and B Rob and I at the Babes n Bikini contest at the Wavehouse!  That's definitely a scarf...that I made into a shirt.  And yup, that's a dreadlock ponytail Rob's rockin...awesome. 

Eddie lookin' GUUUUUD...but still not as awesome as the dreadlock pony.

Circa 2006.  There we are again the following year!  Eddie's rockin' that hawaiian shirt like a champ!

Circa 2006 Boo Ball!  The one where I lost my camera.  Old school P1s remember that!  Nuts!!

Circa 2007.  Radio Boot Camp in Chicago.  So much fun!

Circa 2008.  Rob all cleaned up!  Good thing we snapped a picture because I don't think that ever happened again lol.  


Have a GLORIOUS Almost Friday, my loves...and I will catch up with you tomorrow!