DIZAMMMM, J-LIZZLE!  Whaddup Fly Girl!!!!

J Lo aka Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the Block aka SHE IS 47 YEARS OLD...seriously is KILLING the game right now.  Not only is she an actress, singer, dancer, funny, hot, talented in every aspect - I mean, there is like, NOTHING she can't do (except maybe be in a stable relationship...but ya'll know I can't judge her on that!)...AND NOW THIS.  She is almost ready to perform in Vegas, and wanted to prove it to us by showing how perfect her under boob is. 


Love you, J Lo...love your passion, your drive, your dance moves, your movies, your singing voice...and your under boob.  I LOVE...your under boob.  Says every person reading this. 

Have a GREAT Tuesday my loves!!!