My Queen passed peacefully in her sleep today.  This picture is of us on Friday.  I will forever cherish every moment I have spent with the most amazing, loving, nurturing, giving, understanding, compassionate, best BEST absolute #1 Grammy in the entire universe.  

Rest in peace Grammy. You were my rock from the day I was born.  You had my back, you believed in me, and you were there for me 1 million % every single minute, every single day, the entire way, in every way possible.  And I have dreaded this day for 31 years. There are no words for what you have done for me. There are no words to describe how much I miss you already. I love you forever & always so much dearly same my Queen. I don't know life without you in it, but I am just grateful you are not in pain anymore. I hope Heaven is everything you always said it would be, and you are happy, & get to see Grandpa. I wish you could have lived forever, but am glad you passed peacefully & don't have to suffer anymore. Stay with me always. I can't imagine life without you. LYDS.

Thank you for all the prayers & good thoughts p1s.