Phase #1 of prepping for wearing the itty bitty teenie weenie supa sexayyyy Tilted Kilt outfit Friday during Keggs n Eggs.  Yowza!  Sky and I both are wearing them, it's gonna be a scene! ;)

123 Get Healthy!  My dinner tonight.  Chicken sausage and organic broccoli, half an avocado and lime mineral water (not shown, Trader Joe's brand - only 99 cents for a big bottle).  De-LISH. 

And make sure to join us at the Tilted Kilt in the Gaslamp THIS FRIDAY MORNING for our Keggs n' Eggs LIVE broadcast kicking off at 6am!  Wee hoooooo can't wait!

Have a relaxing night my loves, and I'll catch up with you tomorrow:))