Thought of the day: Work hard and be kind. - Pinterest

Song of the day: Lana Del Ray - Born to Die

I went and visited my best friend of 11 years, her name is Jilly, I call her Billy,  and she lives in Idaho with her husband who's a chef, and 4 boys under the age of 12!  It's madness but I go once a year for her birthday and we have the best time - it snowed this weekend and was just beautiful.  I actually got to experience winter! ;)

Crab and artichoke for dinner, made by her husband, Chef a La Troy!

My bestie, I just love her so much.

There was actually winter there!  It was kind of awesome. I was in like 8 layers. ;)

Jilly's friends, hubby, and I at her hubby's restaurant for her birthday dinner!

Top Ramen with a twist made by Jilly's Chef a La Hubby!

Lil' nugget Cade.  He's almost 2.  I melt for this kid. <3 

Have a LOVELY night, my loves..I will catch up with you tomorrow:)))