I was in bad shape last week.  I had that damn cold/flu thing for a couple of weeks and felt like I was getting better.  Then early last week my throat started hurting.  And it got worse and worse everyday.  That is really weird for me, becuase sore throats only last 24 hours for me usually.  So I knew something was wrong.  And when I heard Thor stopped taking his anti-biotics for his step throat he was diagnosed with, I knew I might be in trouble.  So after the show on Thursday I went into urgent care and had it checked out.  The doctor took one look at me and said, "Yeah, you are a mess."  He said not only do I have strep, but I also have an ear infection.  WTF?  What am I, 7 years old?  He wanted to treat it aggressivly, which I was ok with.  I just wanted to feel better.  So they put me on some heavy duty meds, including steroids to knock it out.  It worked.  Plus I feel like I could hit 40 home runs.  I feel night and day better than I did on Thursday.  It was the worst sore throat I have ever had.  I could barely open my mouth and couldn't swallow.  But being on the medication for a day it helped.  And now, I feel great.  I will not stop taking my medication, unlike some people. 

What a Masters yesterday.  One thing about being laid up all weekend, was I got to watch all the Masters coverage.  No Tiger or Phil didn't matter to me.  I am a golf fan.  Not just a Tiger fan.  Bubba Watson is a fun guy to watch.  He goes for some crazy shots.  And I also like how emotional he gets after winning.  I know it turns some people off, but not me.  I get it.  You work hard for something and are at the top of your sport, that is cool.  Let it out buddy!  Another green jacket for Bubba.