I am still kind of in a weird haze after yesterday's game.  I was feeling pretty confident the Chargers could go into Tennessee and get a win.  It would be tough, but they could do it.  They had the lead in the last minute of the game and once again couldn't hold it.  I look at the last two plays of the drive and just shake my head.  First, if Marcus Gilchrist makes the interception, that hit him right in his hands, we aren't even talking about this.  Game over.  They are 2-1 and feeling pretty good about back to back road wins.  But alas, he is a defensive back for a reason and drops the easy pick.  So it gives Tennessee life.  Jake Locker then hits some random receiver in the endzone for the winning TD.  Great.  My first reaction was that the receiver totally pushed off to make the catch.  He did, but I've seen worse.  Then I think to myself, why in the world was the DB in man coverage.  The receiver was about 5 inches taller than him.  And this is a guy they just signed off the street.  He probably could have used some safety help.  That's on the coaches.  They should have recognized that and made the adjustment.  But it didn't happen and now they are 1-2 and have a tough game against the Cowboys at home.  I saw a lot of people saying, oh the Chargers suck.  They blew it again.  The Chargers don't suck.  They are a better team than the past couple of years.  But the one issue that we talked about all preseaon long is coming back to haunt this team.  Depth.  There is none.  Now that they have a couple of key injuries, they don't have the personal to come in and play at a high level.  Case in point, at corner.  They can't afford to lose guys on the offensive line.  They lost 3 yesterday.  Or at linebacker.  Neither starting inside linebacker played.  Tough to win games like that.  Hope those guys get healthy, quick.

Went to see Mick Foley's show on Friday night.  Went out to eat around to the corner with Debra.  We at at a place called Analog.  We were not cool enough to eat there.  But the food was great and we were loving being out of the house with no kids.  The show was a lot of fun. As a wrestling fan for many years, I loved all of Mick's stories.  I think a lot of it was lost on Debra, but she seemed to enjoy herself.  Thor joined us there and he really liked it too.  There was one guy in the audience that was putting on a show all to himself.  He was crazy.  Acting out wrestling moves, over exaggerating belly laughs, like waaaay too into it.  He was almost more fun to watch that the show.  I am mad at myself for not recording the guy.  It was too much.