I was flipping through a magazine and ran across an add for a website that caught my eye.  It was for a site called www.graze.com  I am not a guy that is all for this health food craze.  I don't juice like Sky and Ashlee.  I will take a slab of ribs over a salad any day of the week.  But with that being said, I still do try and eat healthy when I can.  I have tried cooking quinoa and couscous recently.  I have admitted my love of fruit and candied nuts in salad...man that is hard to say outloud.  I enjoy my veggies.  I do what I can.  But when I saw this website, I was intrigued.  You sign up and they send you a box of healthy snacks every other week.  The food looks super good.  That is why I was in.  It's all healthy stuff like fruits, nuts, granola bars and stuff like that.  What I really like about it is that you get to choose what you like.  You pick stuff that you know you will like and you can trash stuff you know you will not.  I signed up.  It's perfect for my work food.  I will let you know how it is when I get my first box.  Next thing you know I'm gonna be cycling to work!  Who am I? 

I am still stunned at the season finale of True Detective.  If you didn't watch this show on HBO, you are missing out.  It was amazing.  Gret true crime stuff.  Sunday was the finale and it was creepier than just about anything I've seen in a long time.  Edge of your seat stuff.  I heard they may do a 2nd season.  Not sure how they would pull that off, but I will watch.  Go back and watch it on HBO Go or catch a marathon.  Great stuff.