I got to see a screening of Godzilla last night.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Some of the stuff I've seen looks really cool.  But I still have that awful Matthew Broderick version in my head haunting me.  I am happy to report it is pretty good.  The biggest problem with the movie is that it is rated NEG.  Not Enough Godzilla.  There is a lot of story in the beginning, which is fine.  But you want Godzilla.  Once he hits the screen, it is pretty sick.  But really you only get to see him the last half hour of the movie.  They make him look like a badass too.  If there is a sequel, I want more Godzilla.  I also appreciate that they made the movie more in line from the old Godzilla movies.  Not the cheesy stomping of the buildings, but in that Godzilla fights other monsters and is really the hero.  Good stuff.  The only other thing that made me uncomfortable is all the destruction.  With the tsunamis and other natural disasters we have seen in the real world lately, it is kind of hard to watch that sort of thing happen on screen.  Especially with the fires breaking out in our own town yesterday.  Sort of made me squirm a bit.  Other than that I did enjoy it.  I think it will make a ton of money.  And I'm happy to report that there are no cars driving off of Godzilla's tongue in this one.