Last night on Kimmel, they debuted the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.  This is the latest of the Marvel movies that all tie together.  At the end of the last Thor movie, you saw a little glimpse of the Collector.  Which is pretty dope by the way.  Looks like he will be in this one too.  I'll be honest, I never followed the Guardians so I'm not super familiar with the characters or story.  I do know Rocket Raccoon and a little about Groot.  Looks interesting.  Pretty interesting that the WWE's Bautista is in it.  This might be the WWE's new thing.  Wait until they have a huge movie coming out and then bring back the wrestler to help promote it.  They did it with the Rock.  Anyway, I am not sure how audiences will accept this one.  I'm worried that they might be going to deep now.  People didn't seem to interested in the Ant Man movie.  And now you have a talking raccoon?  We'll see.  I hope they continue to be great and keep making them.  Here is the trailer..