What a long day yesterday.  I was on the air A LOT.  9 official hours.  But I was here working the entire time.  Needless to say, my voice was ready to give out by the end.  But it was great to talk football again.  And it made it even better when you saw how the Chargers performed.  The first team defense may need some work.  They were having a hard time stopping the run on the Cowboys first drive.  That scared me a bit since it was mostly the Cowboys second string.  But they got it together and stopped the drive and looked ok after that.  The first team offense looked sharp.  It was ruined a bit when Ryan Mathews fumbled in the endzone.  I really like Mathews.  He had a killer year last year.  He is the guy.  But he can't do that.  The reason he doesn't get a lot of goaline touches is for that reason.  He has fumbled down there in the past.  Can't happen.  I hope it is a reminder to him to protect that rock down there.  After that happened, I saw a lot of social media posts about how Mathews is a bum and he sucks, blah blah.  Really?  This is a guy that had 1255 yards rushing last year.  He only fumbled twice too.  He sucks?  Wow.  Good fans.  I agree he needs to not fumble at all and keep himself on the field, but that seemed really harsh.  Looks like the preseaon guy Charger fans will fall in love with will be Branden Oliver.  He looked like the second coming of Darren Sproles.  He had an outstanding game.  He averaged 9 yards a carry.  He might make the team, but let's not pretend he will be the next LT just yet.  Overall, the team looked good.  It's just preseason, but it's encouraging.  Can't wait to see more.