The more I sat with Amazing Spiderman 2, the more I think I didn't like it.  I read a lot of Spidey titles back in the day and I don't remember any of them even mentioning his parents.  I'm sure at some point they probably did, but not when I was reading.  So for them to spend so much time in this movie on that storyline, it really bugs.  I really hate when these movies try and re-invent the wheel.  It isn't needed.  There are so many great stories already there, why do they feel the need to create new ones that don't make any sense?  I feel like the movies that are not made my the Marvel studios do that the most.  The X-Men franchise is guilty of this.  That is why I didn't like X-Men First Class.  I hope Days of Future Past will be better.  It looks cool.  And I found out that the end credit scene for Spiderman 2 has to do with that movie.  They didn't show it at the screening. 

Speaking of Marvel, it is time for my monthly look at my vintage Marvel calendar.  This month features Daredevil.  Who knew there was a villain named Stilt-Man?