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My New Ornament

My New Ornament
Posted December 9th, 2013 @ 5:17am

Good for the Chargers to go out and get a win.  Every time they win and look as impressive as they did yesterday, I just get so frustrated as what could of been.  They have beaten really good teams like the Chiefs, the Eagles and Cowboys, but have lost to stinker teams like the Texans, Redskins and Raiders.  Makes no sense.  Putting a beat down on Eli is always good though.  Plus it gives me bragging rights over Thor, who is a big Giants fan.  And I am destroying him in our 1st round of the fantasy playoffs, which is awesome.  He talked a lot of trash, but I knew I was going to smash him.  I am up by 30 and he has Forte tonight and I still have Alshon Jeffery.  Pretty sure I got this.  Thank you LeSean McCoy! 

Put up all the lights this weekend.  Got them up before the rain started on Saturday.  Every year i struggle with getting everything to work and fit right.  It's like a math problem I always struggle with.  But for the first time ever, I did it without a problem.  I was really proud of myself.  No trips to the hardware store, no putting stuff together and having to take it apart.  It only took me 6 years!  I also got the tree up.  The only issue with that is my son Jack.  It's not if he will pull that tree down, it's when.  He is a rascal and I am really worried he is going to see an ornament he likes and boom!  Down goes the tree.  We are gonna have to watch him like hawks.  Debra and I have given each other ornaments every year we have been together.  We do it with out kids now as well.  Check out the ornament I got this year...

These ornaments are crazy now.  They play full scenes from the movie.  Last year she got me the Han-Greedo scene.  This year it's Jabba.  Nothing says Christmas like Jabba threatening to kill you the worst way possible! 

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