So yesterday for my TBT pic, I put up a picture showing you my office area back in 2003.  I decided to put up today what I got working in my space now.  The only difference is I have a lot more stuff now.  Here is the first picture...

This side of my space you will notice the monkey I refered to in yesterday's picture.  He still sits atop my area.  I don't get a lot of autographs, but do have a couple of signed pictures.  Rey Mysterio from the WWE and the UFC's Diego Sanchez.  I also have a Chris Rock autograph picture that I had him make out to Ebay.  Hilarious.  You see my Marvel vintage calendar and of course the couple of hot chick posters.  One of Lindsay Lohan when she was smokin hot.  The other is Eliza Dushku.  You're welcome. 

This side of my office has a lot more going on.  You will see the Chris Rock autograph in the upper right hand side.  The box at the top is a monkey costume.  Just in case.  I have the inspirational Teamwork poster up there of two hot chicks cleaning a car.  And then we have the cabinet above my computer.  This is where all the kick ass stuff goes.  Lots of Star Wars toys. I actually have 2 glasses from the Empire Strikes Back that you got at Burger King when the movie came out.  Prized posession. I have some Padres freebies up there.  Simpsons stuff.  Anchorman.  Nacho Libre.  All good stuff. 

So there is you tour of my office space.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did showing it to you!