Holy F word Batman! Did you hear the news? They named the new Batman. It's…Ben Afflek!? Curious. Most of the reaction I saw online was people hating it. First of all, he was terrible as Daredevil. But this is a totally different animal. He didn't make sense as Daredevil. But he fits the mold somewhat of Batman. In other words, he is white and has dark hair. But I think he might lack the darkness that is needed. Especially the new version of the Dark Knight. Afflek is a little too affable. I'm not 100% sold. I'm not fuming about it like some people, but I'm also not jumping up and down, that's for sure. The only good news is that probably means Matt Damon will be Robin, right?

I read recently that the Padres were voted as having the worst uniforms in MLB. Huh? I think they are pretty bland, but the worst? No way. Just the fact that they have the Camo option, makes them not the worst. And have people not seen the Marlins uniforms? Come on. I think it's a joke. What do you think.