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Pool Challenge Pics

Pool Challenge Pics
Posted April 7th, 2014 @ 5:03am

Friday night was the big pool challenge between me and Ashlee.  I was being honest when I said I hasn't played in probably 2 years.  If not longer.  But I used to play all the time.  We even had a pool table at a house I lived in back in the day and would play every day.  I figured it would take me a minute but I would be able to figure it out enough to beat Ashlee.  I know her better than she knows herself, so I knew she wasn't as good as she was claiming.  I also knew her strategy as soon as I walked in the try and get me drunk.  She was trying to buy me shots left and right.  She wanted me to be too wasted to play.  But her mistake was she was taking shots too.  So she got hammered.  I was pretty tipsy, but not enough to not be able to shoot.  I destroyed her.  It wasn't even close.  I was by no means good, but out of the two bad pool players, I was much better.  I left her with 5 balls still on the table.  She was so drunk she could barely hit the cue ball.  It was embarrassing.  Here are a couple pics from the night...

This was the winning/losing strategy from the night...get drunk!

One of us must have made a rare shot, because we look pretty happy...

Wrestlemania was pretty crazy yesterday.  They opened up the show with Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock.  For a guy who has been watching wrestling as long as I have, that was pretty epic.  Easily the 3 biggest names of all time in the same ring together.  Pretty cool.  Thor and I were texting back and forth like little kids.  The other big thing that happened was the Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania for the first time.  He was 21-0 and lost to Brock Lesnar.  I was stunned.  So was the crowd.  Nobody saw it coming.  It looks like Taker is gonna retire.  Pretty amazing career.  All that and Daniel Bryan wins the belt.  One of the better Manias in a long time.

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