Watching football last night I came to the conclusion that the Patriots are in real trouble.  They had such a hard time beating the Jets that it was either the Jets are better than we thought or the Pats are worse.  I think it's the latter.  They struggled against the Bills week 1 and now the Jets.  What are they gonna do when they play an actual good team.  I've never seen Tom Brady so pissed.  He was screaming at his team because his receivers kept dropping balls.  I mean, you loose Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Lloyd, etc all in the same year, that has to hurt.  I don't care who you are.

I'm calling my shot.  The Chargers beat the Eagles this weekend.  I know.  Most fans are so down on the Bolts after blowing the lead on Monday night.  And in turn the Eagles looked good in their win against the Redskins.  But I'm telling you, this team is better under McCoy.  I see all the experts not giving them a chance.  But that tells me they didn't watch Monday night.  They read about it and saw highlights, but if you actually watched the game, you saw the team is improved.  The Eagles are too, but I think the Chargers win this game.  Said it.

You have to see these pictures of some amazing Guinness World Records.  In particular, picture 8.  The biggest Star Wars collection.  I think I need to get all my stuff together in one room.  I could beat this guy.