Ok, the game is finally here.  Time to make a prediction.  This is actually a really tough game to call.  The weather might play a role.  Both teams are very good.  One is the top ranked offense, the other is the top ranked defense.  Who will be able to execute their gameplan better?  Hard to tell.  Seattle has the type of defense that an give Peyton fits.  But does Seattle have enough offensivly to keep up with the Broncos?  They will run the football, for sure.  But what if they get behind?  Will Russell Wilson be able to throw the ball and lead them back?  Not sure about that one.  Their offense isn't built for that.  I think it will be a close game in the first half.  Maybe even low scoring.  But I have a feeling that Peyton is going to figure it out.  I think they pull away in the 2nd half and Denver wins 31-21.  I'm torn.  I really like Peyton and want him to shut down all his critics.  He is one of the all time greats and doesn't desevre the critism he gets.  This will put an end to all that.  You win 2 Super Bowls and have the numbers he has, he has to be considered one of the best.  Win or lose, he already is in my opinion.  But I always like teams that have never won a Super Bowl.  I like them getting off that side of the ledger.  I grew up a fan of the Seahawks.  This was back in the day though.  Ever since they moved to the NFC and were put in the West, I can't be a fan.  My 49ers are their biggest rivals.  So I can't really cheer for them.  It's hard to cheer for the Broncos too, since they are the Chargers biggest rival.  So I will root for Peyton.  Done deal.  Broncos win.