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TBT: Backstage Boxer

TBT: Backstage Boxer
Posted March 20th, 2014 @ 5:19am

I had such a good time at the P1 Skee Ball Torunament at Dave and Busters last night.  I talked a big game going into it, so I knew I had to deliever.  No way was I going out in the 1st round.  I am happy to report I not only survived, I did the best on the Show.  Sky and Ashlee were 1st round casulties.  Thor made it but lost in the 2nd round.  I was in the round of 16.  I was destroying fools.  I was feeling good.  I walk up for the next round and I am taking on a guy named Dave B.  Really?  You put me against Dave and Busters?!  He owns the place!  Conspiracy.  I started throwing and knew I had lost my mojo.  I threw about 100 points less than what I had been throwing.  And I was out.  Thought I had it.  It was still a blast and I hope we do it again next year. 

I was talking on the air yesterday about having dinner with Art from Everclear backstage at Jingle Ball when I worked at Star in the 90's.  It was a weird environment.  I went to the restroom right next to Barry Williams, Greg from the Brady Bunch.  Odd.  I also meet one year, former boxing champ, Terrible Terry Norris.  He lived here in SD and was roaming around backstage.  I was the only person who recognized him and grabbed this shot...

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