Football is back!  We get a real NFL game tonight and I'm so excited.  Like Jessie from Saved by the Bell excited.  I had my final Fantasy draft last night.  This is my OG league.  These guys have been playing in this league for decades.  I'm the rookie even though I've been in the league for over 10 years.  I ended up with the 11th pick and came away with a good team.  My RBs suck, but I went big on other positions...

QBs: Andrew Luck & Colin Kaepernick

RBs: Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart, Steven Jackson

WRs: Calvin Johnson, Julian Edelman, Mike Evans

TEs: Jimmy Graham & Antonio Gates

K: Phil Dawson

Yesterday we talked about the Chargers adding Leslie O'Neal to their Hall of Fame.  I mentioned that I once played against him.  Granted it was in a goofy radio bit where me and Denise, the girl I did the show with taking on him and Darrien Gordon in a touch football game in the parking lot of our radio station back in 94, but I'm sure he remember that day well.  I brought the heat!  Here are some shots of the newest Hall of Famer and his toughest opponent!

Look at this form! 

Our host Royce, interviewing Leslie about how I should be on the Chargers.

Walking away knowing I got the best of him that day.