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TBT: Padres Spring Training

TBT: Padres Spring Training
Posted April 3rd, 2014 @ 5:13am

As baseball season gets underway I was thinking about the time I went out to spring training with the Padres.  This was back in 96 I think.  I was working at Z-90 and they decided to send us to Peoria.  It was pretty cool.  We interviewed players, got them to say things for us, go into the locker room, stuff like that.  For a guy who loved sports as much as I did, it was pretty epic.  Here are some shots from that trip...

This is me about to talk to Rickey Henderson.  Rick was great, but not the brightest guy.  I had this print out I had the players read, that said..."Hi, I'm _____ from the San Diego Padres and your listening to Z-90" So they just enter their own name in the blank spot.  Well, Rickey didn't get that.  He read it just like that and didn't insert his name in the blank spot.  So embarrassing. 

Here is a picture with one of my heroes.  Growing up an A's fan I loved Dave Stewart.  He worked in the Padres front office this season and was there and I grabbed a pic with him...

I found this too.  The Padres shared the complex with Seattle.  Guess who was on the Mariners back then?  A-Rod! 

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