I'm a little on edge this morning.  Last night, I had been asleep for about a half an hour when a huge crash woke me up from downstairs.  I jumped out of bed and went down to check it out.  I figured with all out Christmas decorations up, something must have fallen.  But I couldn't find anything.  I looked all around the house and saw nothing.  WTF?  So weird.  So it took me about an hour to fall back asleep.  I need to investigate more in the light of day.

I am super happy because I crushed Thor in the first round of our Fantasy playoffs.  It wasn't even close.  He talks so much smack, it was really my Super Bowl.  I want to win my third title, but this is a sweet victory either way.  Next up in the playoffs...my old buddy B-Dub!  I'll take that hairy clown to the woodshed too.  This is for bragging rights on the Fantasy Freakin' Football show!

I'm going to see the screening of the Hobbit tonight.  I can't wait!  I'll give you a review in tomorrow's blog. 

My old pal Jay Mohr was host some NASCAR awards show over the weekend.  He was roasting the room, like a good MC does when we got to Danica Patrick.  He took a shot at her and she gave him the iciest stare of all time.  I have never been a fan of hers, but now especially, I think she sucks.  Not only has she never won anything, but obviously she takes herself a little too seriously.  Check this out...