As we head into this new chapter of the Show, I am excited to announce the Thor is an official member of the Show!  For those of you who don't know, he was our intern for a couple of years.  We always wanted to add him to the show but just didn't have an opportunity to until now.  He went over with Costa and has been producing the afternoon show on XTRA sports.  And now he returns home to sit in the Boston Rob seat.  We are all good friends with the guy and I know he will fit right in.  He has filled in a few times when other members were on vacation or sick, so he knows what to expect.  It is such a natural selection that I doubt it will really surprise anyone.  I am looking forward to making fun of him and his goofy face for years to come.

Speaking of the Thor, my Marvel calendar this month is so fitting.  It's the God of Thunder himself!  I didn't even plan this.  Check it out..

Speaking of my Marvel vintage calender, I have always wanted to frame some of these covers.  I love them and really look at them as art.  I picked out 4 of the best and asked Debra if she ever wanted to get me a present, this is something I would love.  She did it and got it for me for Valentine's Day.  It is finally in and look at how awesome it turned out!

Going right into the Man-Cave!