Talking to Lando Calrissian yesterday was so epic.  Just hearing his voice speak to me was surreal.  I have had a chance to interview a few actors from Star Wars including Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Mark Hammil.  Check Billy Dee Williams off the list.  News came down yesterday that the next chapter will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi and there will be some familiar faces in the movie.  Is this really news?  We have heard that all along.  Luke, Leia and Han are supposed to be in it.  That was the one thing I forgot to ask Billy Dee, is if Lando will be coming back.  I doubt it, but would love to hear if he would want to.  I was thinking about where do I rank Lando in my favorite characters?  So I decided to rank them.  This is my personal list of favorite Star Wars characters...

1. Chewbacca - All time best.  The heart and soul of the movie.  Plus he kicks ass with a bowcaster.  Love you Chewie!

2. Boba Fett - So cold and menacing.  He isn't on screen for very long, but what an impact.  Was one of my favorite action figures to play with.

3. Han Solo - Stud.  Just didn't give an F in the beginning.  Then started to care.  What a scoundrel.  Plus he is besties with Chewie.  How can you not love a dude who's best friend is a wookie?

4. Darth Vader - Greatest movie villain of all time.  Period.

5. R2D2 - I can repeat almost all his beeps and boops from the original.  He is so key to the movies.  He is comic foil, he is a hero, he is so many things.  Love R2.

6. Yoda - Zen master.  When he first appears, you just laugh at him.  until he reveals he is the Jedi Master Luke is looking for.  Then is gets serious.  When he dies in Jedi, a little piece of me dies every time.

7. Lando - Gotta love Lando. You knew you couldn't trust him when they land in cloud city.  But he figures it out.  He know he F'd up.  And then becomes a freakin general and leads the attack on the Death Star?  Damn. 

8. Luke Skywalker - How can the hero of our tale be this far down?  He was just too whiney for me in New Hope.  And Empire he thought he knew every thing before he did.  And Jedi he got all dark on us.  Still love the guy, but not my favorite character.

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Another cool as a cucumber character.  Love all the wisdom he imparts.  The only thing I was never a fan of was how slow he fought Vader on the Death Star.  Look at Yoda still jumping around at his age.  It looked like Obi-Wan was gonna break a hip.

10. C3PO - I have so many others I can put here.  Greedo, Ackbar, the sandpeople, Leia, Wedge...I had to give it to the droid.  He is almost the narrator to the entire story.  He is the running commentary.  Sometimes annoying, but can't imagine the movie without him.

Notice there are no characters from the sequels.  Only Darth Maul got a consideration.  But in the end, this is an OG list.