I am stunned.  Totally shocked.  One of my favorite wrestlers growing up died yesterday.  The Ultimate Warrior.  He just made up with the WWE after 19 years of some grudge they had with each other.  Saturday he went into the Hall of Fame, Sunday he came out during Wrestlemania, Monday he was on Raw and yesterday…dead.  WTF?  It is so crazy.  Very sad he leaves behind two little girls.  And he was gonna appear a lot more with the WWE.  The timing is so bizarre.  Another wrestler from the 80s and 90s that died way too soon.  Davey Boy Smith, Mr. Perfect, Brian Pillman, Rick Rude, Eddie Guerrero, and my all time fav, Randy Macho Man Savage, the list goes on and on. These guys must have done horrible things to their bodies.  At least I have these clips to remember the epic promos he used to cut.  Check this bad boy out…they don't make them like this anymore!