I am really into the World Cup.  I have watched a ton of games, not just the US.  I have really enjoyed it more this year than any other year in the past.  When the US plays, I shut it down.  I want no distractions.  Yesterday was huge.  If you said going into the game against Portugal, that we'd tie, we probably would be pretty happy with that.  But then the US gave up an early goal and things weren't looking good.  I felt like the US actually played a better game than they did against Ghana.  But they trailed for most of the game.  Then they finally tied things up.  And when they scored the go ahead goal, I was jumping up and down.  It looked like things were over and the US was going to advance out of the Group of Death.  Then with 30 seconds left in the game...disaster.  They let Christiano Ronaldo make a beautiful pass and Portugal scored.  Ugh.  It was like I got kicked in the nuts.  Totally devastated.  I can't even imagine how the players felt.  But a tie isn't a bad thing. To get a point against a tough team like that is good.  But now they face the mighty Germans.  That will be tough.   I hope they can get it done.  If they play like they did yesterday, I think they can.  I believe that we can win!  USA!  USA!