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Walking Dead Is Back!

Walking Dead Is Back!
Posted February 10th, 2014 @ 4:54am

The only thing that made me feel better about not having football this weekend was the return of my favorite show on TV...The Walking Dead!  I love that the group is seperated.  As jacked up as their conditions were in the prison, you still have the comfort that they were together.  They could rely on each other.  Now that they are seperated, that is gone.  I liked the way they treated Carl last night.  Make him an unlikable teenager.  That is most kids that age.  All he wanted was to be treated like an adult, but then you get those glimpses that he is still just a kid.  Like when he went into the teenager's bedroom and saw the video games and stuff and he got happy for a second.  Then he realized he couldn't because he was a man now.  Or eating the pudding.  Only a kid would do that.  Really good writing.  I am just wondering how they will all find each other again.  That seems impossible.  But eventually it will happen.  But right now, I'm liking the seperation.  It was like a version of the Road with Rick and Carl. 

Saturday night was super fun and crazy at Supercross.  We did our intermission obstacle course with the military.  Those kind of events are really chaotic because things are so timed out.  So we rushed out there and did our thing in a blur.  It was nuts being that close to the action.  It felt like the bikes were flying over our heads.  We did have time to snap a quick pic with the Hooters girls down on the floor...

Oh, if you are wondering why Thor has a blow up doll...that's not his date.  That was our stand in for Ashlee, who was out of town.  Ha!


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