NFL free agency opened up yesterday with a bang.  Guys were signing left and right.  It was a feeding frenzy.  Almost hard to keep track of everything going on.  I was paying attention to see if the Chargers would end up signing anyone.  I wasn't really expecting it, but you never know.  They ended up making one significant signing.  They grabbed running back Donald Brown from the Colts.  Makes sense.  GM Tom Telesco was part of the team that drafted him.  Former number 1 pick.  He will be a good back up to Mathews and Woodhead.  But what else do the Bolts need?  I think corner is a top need.  They may look to the draft for that.  Revis will be out there, but I think he will be too expensive.  Safety is another spot next to Weddle.  Nose Tackle.  Wide Receiver.  So I'm hoping they grab a couple of guys to help out in the next day or two.  If money weren't an issue, what free agent would you want the Chargers to sign?