Exercise routines come and go but when the "Prancercise" video went viral with millions of YouTube viewers, a couple of my fellow radio buddies and I decided to get in on the action and start our own exercise phenomenon. Of course I think mine is the best – don't you?

Take a look at our videos (below) and vote for me! YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY through this Friday (6/28) at 5:00pm!

"Crapercise" by Chio - 95.7 KISS FM

"Flabercise" by Chris Merrill - AM 600 KOGO

"Prankercise" by Eddie Pappani - Rock 105.3 FM

"Skipercise" by Jesse Lozano - Star 94.1 FM

"Smackercise" by Clint August - 101.5 KGB FM

"Spazercise" by Nathan Fast - Channel 93.3 FM