Quick update………..potty training is going great. Of course we have had a few accidents and she tries to manipulate the situation to get out of naps and stuff by saying she has to sit on the potty every 2 minutes. But I'll take it!!!! From what I have read that is normal potty training stuff. I will take that any day over what was going on before. Now we just need to figure out when to cut off the "potty presents" cause it is getting expensive and her room is starting to look like a toy junk yard.


           I finally got to check out the pictures and video from my families beach day on Friday. What a freaking beautiful day that was. It was mid to high 80's in La Jolla. It was so nice cause as soon as we hit the sand we could just feel that sweet ocean breeze. Since our house doesn't have any insulation I have a feeling that we will be retreating to the beach lots this summer.

Watching my loves play out in the water………..


Got Lovelyn some carrots out of the snack bag, turn back around to see this………….