Do they call heroin black gold? If so, that is NOT what I am talking about. What I am talking about is dirt. Our family becomes more hippy like each day. Our new thing is composting. We have always talked about wanting to do a compost pile. My parents actually had one when I was growing up. But there were a few issues with it. The bucket you kept the leftover kitchen scraps in smelled, the pile outside smelled, the pile attracted all kinds of animals and you would have to get all up in there every so often to turn the pile. But then one day we got this flyer from the city offering a rebate on some sort of composting contraption. This beast takes care of all of the problems except for the indoor kitchen scraps smell. And luckily that hasn't been a problem yet cause my hubby is constantly dumping out the kitchen bucket. Lovelyn is a big fan of the new compost tumbler thing and likes to help putting stuff in there. Can't wait to see how the first batch of soil turns out. How nerdy of a thing to say is that?