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Housewarming Party

Posted July 14th, 2014 @ 4:24am



So I think my housewarming this weekend was a success!  Most people would be too nice to tell me otherwise but I think we did alright.  Few negatives....realized at the last second that there were a few people I forgot to invite, think I ordered too much food and I didn't take a single picture during the party.  I was happy that I got to spend a bit of time with everyone who came to the party but didn't really get to hang out for a long time with anyone.  The huge upside for us now is that our to-do list that I have been staring at for the last 2 years is now pretty small.  We will always have projects but at least for the next few weeks I hope to just relax and enjoy all the work we have done over the last 2 years on our home.


Here is a collage I made of our home addition that I hung up for the party...............

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