My feelings were hurt last night but I'm not sure if I am entitled to my hurt feelings or not.  I know everyone is entitled to their feelings....blah, blah, blah.  But I'm
conflicted on this one.  I jump on Facebook last night to do a post for The Show
about what is coming up this morning.  I pretty much only use Facebook for work
stuff and occasionally I'll post some personal updates and questions on my
page.  But I almost never check the News Feed.  Last night I decided to do The
Show's Facebook post from my phone and when I log on to Facebook it takes me to the News Feed.  I see that my childhood best friend has just changed her status to "married".  I was immediately sad cause I realized that I wasn't invited to the wedding.  I then think that maybe they did a small family wedding or
something.  I go to her Facebook page to see a bunch of pictures of people we
grew up with at the wedding.  I was super sad.
Here is the deal.  We were BFF's during middle school and high school.  I moved away for college for 2 years and we kinda drifted apart.  I came back home and we were BFFs again.  I actually went out on a date with my husband cause she was dating his best friend at the time.  After I met my husband we pretty much went into the couple bubble where we only wanted to be with each other.  But when we got married it was a no brainer for me that my childhood BFF would be one of my bridesmaids.  Since getting married back in 2000 our friendship has basically be one of us randomly checking in with the other every other year.  Last time we saw each other was when I was up in Nor Cal visiting about 2 years ago and we grabbed lunch.  I then heard through the grapevine about a year ago that she was engaged and I posted a congrats message on her Facebook
I know that I haven't made any real effort to keep the friendship flourishing but I am still bummed that I wasn't invited.  Are my feelings rational or am I just
being overly sensitive?