I can't believe I did it!!!!!  I ate something that in my world is totally crazy.....and I liked it.  Last week the family went to dinner at Beaumont's as part of a sales thing having to do with San Diego Restaurant Week.  We love Beaumont's and go there all the time.  Well if you know me then you know I am a super picky eater and will mostly order the same thing every time.  But since I am a special guest that evening the chef personally brings us out a dish to try.  The special dish is fish....I don't eat fish....I am freaking out inside.  Normally in a
situation like this I have the whole Show with me and they are more than happy
to try new foods and totally distract from the fact that I don't eat mine.  But
this time it is just me and the hubby.  I tell myself to man the f*** up and I
go for it.  The flavors were AMAZING and I didn't even taste anything remotely
like "fish".  I knew that nobody would believe this fish tale so I took
photographic proof...........
Of course this is what I ordered for dinner, so freaking good...........