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Lovelyn's First Day of School

Lovelyn's First Day of School
Posted September 3rd, 2014 @ 4:55am


We survived....barely!  And by we, I am 100% talking about myself.  I think like most parents I had a bit of anxiety about my daughter first day at her new elementary school.  She isn't even 5 years old yet and is in a class with 30 other kids and 3 teachers.  But I think I did pretty good keeping cool yesterday UNTIL I called my husband after we got off the air for a progress report.  He tells me that it was "horrible" and pretty much his "nightmare" happened.  Please take note that we are a bit dramatic in the way we talk.  He tells me that they were having a great morning and she was super excited for school.  he says on their walk to school Lovelyn wanted to "race".  Daddy said sure and then you can guess what happens next..........face-plant on the cement.  The hubby tells me over the phone "she has blood dripping down her arm and we have to turn back home..........babe, babe I got to".  WTF????  Really, you are just going to hang up on me right then????  I am assuming you just got pulled over for talking on the phone while driving but explain to the cop that you can't hang up on your wife mid first day of school injury story!  He calls me back 10 minutes later and tells me that yep he just got a ticket.  I basically tell him that I don't care about him right now and to finish his story about Lovelyn.  They went back home, he cleaned her up, drove her to school, she was the last one there, there was no hook left for her backpack, and she had to squeeze on the rug to join the class.  But he says she got right in there and when he left she had a smile on her face.  Even though I knew all was well I was still spun out for the rest of the afternoon.  I was so happy when I heard the final bell ring and I got to go to her class and give her a big hug.  Here is a pic the hubby took outside our house before the fall.............



Here is when they got to school after the fall and right as the final bell rang...............

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