Yesterday my daughter was having such good behavior.  It was one of those days where she was happy, saying please and thank you and playing really nicely by herself.  She has really been loving art lately and will just sit at her kid art table and work on "cards" for her friends for 30 minutes by herself.  It's amazing!!!!!  So this was going on yesterday and the hubby and I got deep into a conversation back in our bedroom.  We come back out to the living room to find that Lovelyn had not been at her art table the whole time.  I guess first she started emptying a bunch of the toys from her room into the living room.  Then after that she decided to gather all the decretive pillows from our house.  She then lined them up at the base of a chair and then covered them with some blankets.  She called it Jumpy World.  In her mind it was a HUGE jumpy house filled with "100 kids".  She then made me start taking action shots of her.  Is this safe?  Should I be discouraging this?  Oh well, bigger fish to fry!!!!