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New Door

New Door
Posted March 24th, 2014 @ 4:38am
This week will bring a new front door and hopefully a fresh new start.  I'm not gonna lie....last week pretty much sucked for my family!  The hubby got some sort of flu/cold thing like I've never seen before.  Guy was knocked out for a week straight.  Lovelyn and I got a tiny touch of it but luckily not to the extend of the hubby or else I don't know who would have taken care of us.  I feel like this weekend we finally got over the hump and are now on our way to recovery.  Where as last week I was looking at potential trips to urgent care, this week I am looking forward to health and progress.
Word on the street, I guess I should say word from the guy in charge of our home project that my daughter calls "Noodle" or "Silly Noodle" depending on the day......Noodle says our temp front door is coming down this week.  We have had our old front door rigged to keep us separated from the construction as long as possible.  Looks like we are getting to the point where we are ready to join the two spaces and start to make them one....... 


Our current temp door.....



What will soon be our final front door.....

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