Well if you consider Pin the Tail on the Donkey sexy, they yes I had a very sexy weekend.  Saturday was my nieces 4th birthday party.  It was cool cause it was a family only party.  Since we all know each other so well everyone just chilled and had a great time.  There were only 3 girls there so they all got spoiled like crazy with games, food and goodie bags.  At one point they even busted on the Slip N Slide and Lovelyn was having such a good time.


My hubby thought it was hysterical when I decided to join in and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  He took a bunch of pictures and under his breath was making 50 Shades of Grey jokes.  Here are pictures from my audition for the movie Eye's Wide Shut....I mean from my nieces party this weekend.  :)