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She's Not A Zombie?

She's Not A Zombie?
Posted March 28th, 2014 @ 4:26am
I swore a few days ago I was convinced that I was turning into a zombie.  The other day The Show took a quiz about how long you would survive the zombies and one of the questions had to do with the symptoms of becoming a zombie.  I swear I went through all of those symptoms over the last few days.  Who knows, maybe I am still turning into a zombie or maybe it was just the flu.  Two weeks ago my family got hit with sickness.  Lovelyn and I got bad colds and the hubby got some sort of flu.  This last weekend it seemed like we were all starting to feel a bit better so I decided to clean the house of all of the germs and construction dust that was obviously making us sick.  I felt so good after, like I had helped keep my family healthy.....not so much!!!!  By Monday afternoon I was DONE.  Flu like a mother.  All the fun symptoms of a massive cold mixed with fever, body aches and throat that hurts to even swallow.  I think my body produced mucus every color of the rainbow this week.  Yesterday was the first day I even attempted to leave my house and that was basically just to get some fresh air and go to CVS for more meds.  I hope I kick this thing 100% over the weekend.  I'm sure it didn't help that I was up from 1am to 2am this morning trying to comfort Lovelyn cause now she is so stuffed up that she can't sleep.  FML right now!!!!!!


This was pretty much all I saw from Monday afternoon till yesterday morning, the view from my bed.............



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