Full-time worker Mommy issues.  The question is......should I leave work a few hours early on a Friday to go to my daughters first ever Mother's Day performance?  The other day my daughter came home from preschool super excited to give me an invitation.  The invite was to a Mother's Day performance by the kids at her school.  She made it very clear to me and the hubby that this performance is for Mom's ONLY.  As the worker-bee in our family I immediately started to explain that I might not be able to go cause that is when Mommy works and Mommy needs to work to afford our home, food, school, toys, etc.  She asked if I could please talk to my boss and see if this one time I could miss work.  Then over the last few days I have overheard her singing songs where they have changed the lyrics to say "Mom" for the performance.  My heart just melted.  At that point I realized that I would be so sad if I missed this performance.


I then started to ask my co-workers their thoughts on me missing work.  I got answers all over the map from.......


"You need to do what you feel is right.  But remember that you'll have a bunch of these type of things over your daughters life"


"You know what I would do"....aka, no way in hell would I miss work for a kid thing


"Of course you HAVE to go.  Family always comes first and you will never regret missing a few hours of work but you would regret missing this."


I agree most with the last answer.  What do you think?


Here are some pictures of when my little nugget came with me to work after hours the other day to record a few commercials..............