Hope you all had a good weekend. I threw my back out yesterday like an 80 year old woman. Lovelyn and I were playing hard all Sunday and at the end of the day I bent over and that was the end of my lower back. WTF???? Anyway, my daughter is in a total shy phase and it is driving my nuts. Around a select few my daughter is such a fun and funny little girl. But around the majority of the world she is one of those kids who clings to their parents leg and won't look you in the eye. I get so embarrassed when she does that. I also feel bad cause I hate when people take it personal like she doesn't like them specifically or something. Everyone keeps telling me it is a phase. Plus we hope to start preschool soon so hopefully that will help too. On Friday Lovelyn really wanted to visit me at an appearance I was doing, it was all she talked about for 2 days. Of course as soon as she got there she went into shy shutdown mode. I was taking a bunch of selfies of us but they were all coming out grumpy face. As soon as she thought no one was looking and I was done taking pictures I was able to snap this gem… Silly girl……..