This was too much for my brain to deal with. Last night after putting Lovelyn to sleep the hubby is flipping through our 15 channels that we get looking for something to watch. We are basically killing time till The New Girl comes on at 9pm. One of our 7 non Spanish channels has TMZ TV on. If you haven't seen this it is a TV show by the people who do the TMZ gossip website going over all the top gossip stories of the day. The hubby is about to switch to the next channel when I hear him say "Is that Tara Reid?". So I think that TMZ is doing a story on Tara Reid being drunk again or yelling at someone for a discount or something like that. Nope. Tara Reid was some sort of guest contributor last night. So we watch for a minute cause we assume that some sort of train wreck is about to happen. This is when Tara starts to give her two cents about Lindsay Lohan. Really Tara??? After everything you have been through, to criticize Lindsay….really???? It's not like I am sticking up for Lindsay or anything but this is wrong for a few reasons. Like hey pot, guess what? The kettle is black. And I recall Tara not being a big fan of the paparazzi picking apart her every move back when they cared who she was. But now she is going to go out of her way to do the same thing to Lindsay. The whole thing just grossed me out. I found a clip of it on the web this morning. Enjoy