You can't ignore the social media phenomenon that is #TBT (Throw Back Thursday). If for some reason you haven't heard of it the concept is simple. On Thursday's you post an old picture of yourself to social media. I am a fan of TBT. I really enjoy looking at old pictures of people. Most of the people in my life I didn't know when they were younger so I think it is totally cool to see what Little So-And-So looked like. Today The Show is starting a TBT bit. Now on Thursday's we will do a classic bit or play a classic game. One of the good ones from back in the day that we haven't done in a few years. So I figured in honor of that I would do a TBT pic on my blog. Who knows, maybe I'll start doing this every Thursday. Here I am as a sophomore in high school….braces and all…...taking my super cool cheerleading picture. Go Mustangs!!!!