Back in 2000 when I was doing radio up in San Jose/San Francisco our station was asked if there was a on-air personality on staff that would be willing to take part in the halftime show at a 49ers game.  Most of our air staff at that time was either "beyond" that kinda stuff in their career or so over weight that they didn't want to participate in active events.  So the station came to me saying I was the clear choice for this.  They had no idea what I would be doing but said I needed to wear all black and comfortable shoes.  The upside was that I got a free pair of tickets to the game which was all my husband needed to hear, so I agreed.  OMG.  They bring me down to the field about 10 minutes before halftime and tell me that I will be the last leg of a relay race and my job would be to climb a mountain.  WTF?  All I could do was give it all I had, but I clearly had no freaking clue what I was doing.  My team came in 2nd out of 4....maybe next time????