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#TBT 2009 Laughing at My Future Self

#TBT 2009 Laughing at My Future Self
Posted February 27th, 2014 @ 4:31am
Look at this beautiful couple so in love and full of joy expecting their first child.  This is what I thought when our photographer showed us these pictures for the first time before my daughter was born in 2009.  Last night I looked at these photos differently.............


Last night after fighting with my 4 year old daughter ALL day to just be nice to me and her father, these pictures took on a whole new meaning.  Now I look at these pictures and see a couple of crazy people laughing because if they don't laugh they will rip their freaking hair out and punch their fists into that beautiful mosaic tile!!!!!!!  My daughter has really be on one lately and it is killing me.  I am not good with conflict and anger.  But it seems like out house has been filled with nothing but conflict and anger as long as my daughter is awake.  Not really sure what is going on, she is an angel at school but at home it is nothing but attitude and defiance.  Her are my million theories......she is 4, she just started preschool, she loves preschool more than home, she is confused now about the power structure, she is trying to manipulate the power structure, she is overtired cause of school, she is not eating as well at school, she is still dealing with feeling from the loss of her grandma, we are horrible parents, her DNA is hardwired to be a jerk, etc......  We have screamed, we have talked, we have done time-outs, we have taken away toys, we have done good & bad behavior charts and yesterday I tried something new.  I picked Lovelyn up from school and she started being a jerk to me the second the teacher turned her back.  So when we got home I took EVERY toy out of her room and told her that the new rule is that she will get one toy back each time she has good behavior and I will still take something else away every time she has bad behavior.  What happened to that sweet little daughter I was dreaming about when we took these pictures?  Please let this be some sort of phase the ends ASAP!!!!!



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