OMG, have I been festive this year or what??? We took the last few days off of work and I have just been the queen of Halloween. Maybe that is going a little far but I decorated, carved pumpkins, dressed up twice and participated in a window painting event!!!! Who is this lady? I'll have pictures of all of that for you on tomorrows blog. Here is a little gem for a Halloween Throw Back Thursday. This is my Halloween costume from the year 2000. I had been working in radio for a bit over a year and was poor as heck. We had a station event I needed to go to but no money for a costume. I found this Superman logo and created my SuperSky out fit……….

On Wednesdays Ashlee and I tape our weekly segment for the CW6 that airs back on Thursday mornings. Since we had the day off work and I was dressing in a costume there was no way I was going to keep my daughter away. Of course she had to dress up too. My daughter (Doc McStuffins) has been super shy the last 5 months or so. I figured at the TV station she would just cling to my hubbys leg in the corner when Ashlee and I did our thing. Nope, instead she walks right on set and when Heather asks her if she wants to be on TV with us she says yes. This morning around 8ish you can check out Ashlee, Sky and Lovelyn telling you what is going on this weekend in San Diego. Here are some pictures from set….